Valley Pacific firmly believes that a distinctive brand image will set you apart from the competition. The Patriot logo is fresh, clean, and unique. Patriot is a highly recognizable and popular image in the North Coast, and we are opening up more markets in Southern California and beyond. The Patriot consumer will know that they can expect quality products, competitive pricing, and great service wherever they see the Patriot brand. Patriot customers know than any station adorning the brand will be clean with unbeatable service.

Valley Pacific is currently in the process of redefining the brand’s future with a new, refreshed brand image. As our customers’ needs and lifestyles change, so does our vision for the future. We will
continually improve and maintain Patriot’s image and keep pace with customers’ needs as well as go above and beyond the competition. We are committed to being the top choice of consumers who are price sensitive but still expect clean, dependable, and friendly service.

Exciting times lie ahead as we extend a modernized feel across every element of the brand that will impress our customers and create a loyalty that extends throughout our great state of California.