History of Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc.

In 1947, Durrel Woolsey joined Standard Oil as a commissioned agent.  A few years later, in 1954, he became a wholesale distributor for the company.  And in 1970, Mr. Woolsey established Woolsey Oil Company as an independent marketer.  The family business was later run by his son Bruce until it was sold to Norm Crum (current owner) in 1994. 

Valley Pacific soon added locations throughout Central California, including locations in Bakersfield, Porterville, Pixley, Escalon, Fresno, Merced, Salinas, King City, and Paso Robles.  In 2016, the company significantly expanded again with the acquisition of Renner Petroleum of Eureka, CA, and opened a site in Redding.  Strategically located through the state’s agricultural and rural belts in the Central Valley, Central Coast, and the North Coast, Valley Pacific provides services throughout California and beyond.  We are now one of the state’s largest petroleum marketers.

Valley Pacific strives to serve its five distinct shareholders with the following governing values:

  • Shareholders:  “Earn A Fair Profit.”
  • Employees:  “Work Hard; Work Smart; Be Safe; Have Fun.”
  • Customers:  “Safe, Clean, Dependable, Friendly Service: No Surprises. No Disappointments.”
  • Vendors:  “Expect The Best.”
  • Community:  “Obey The Law & Be A Good Neighbor.”