Valley Pacific is Chevron’s largest marketer in California, and Chevron is California’s #1 brand. We understand the importance of not only unbeatable customer service, but also your success as a business owner. Our experienced and knowledgeable Retail Team is here to assist you with your brand image, marketing, and every day business transaction needs to attract new and loyal customers. You’ll have access to an extended industry of knowledge, contacts, and infrastructure. Our distribution staff is equally dedicated to ensuring that you get the right product at the right time, delivered in a safe and friendly manner.

Chevron’s look is clean, high-quality, and very attractive. It engages not only new customers, but a robust amount of Chevron-loyals who have come to love the brand and what we offer. Their expectations are high, and we’re here to help you maintain those expectations for a healthy business with happy employees and a strong bottom line. We sincerely care about your business.

Chevron Brand Advantage

  • The Chevron brand attracts customers who are willing to pay premium prices for superior products, and Chevron with Techron fuels meet Top Tier standards for fuel cleanliness.
  • California retailers get to take advantage of Chevron’s national advertising (concentrated in California) through a variety of outlets such as video, audio, online, and through sports sponsorships.
  • An impressive Business Card offering (Private Label Business Cards, Universal Business MasterCard, Diesel Advantage Card) with dedicated sales support and targeted marketing activities.
  • Chevron branded proprietary credit cards (Personal Cards, and Co-Branded Visa Cards) make up one of the largest portfolios in the oil and gas industry.
  • Customer First and Image Execution Programs include employee incentives and rewards for high performance.
  • Safeway Customer Loyalty Program