Valley Pacific has sold tens of millions of gallons of alternative fuels since 2015.  Combining advanced technology with the environmental benefits of biomass-based fuels, these resources will be a reliable and sustainable part of fueling our energy future.  Valley Pacific offers fuels in various blends to meet your needs.

  • Biodiesel B20.  Consists of 80% Diesel #2 (petroleum-based) and only 20% biodiesel (biomass-based diesel).  Approved by major OEM’s.  Reliable and tested.  Clean-burning.
  • Renewable Diesel.  Isn’t just diesel. Advanced hydrocarbon diesel that meets the same ASTM-D975 specification as petroleum diesel.
  • R80B20.  Consists of 80% renewable diesel and 20% biodiesel; this “super fuel” is 100% renewable and combines the best of biomass-based diesels with the added lubricity of biodiesel.

Valley Pacific had the opportunity to contribute an article to the CalTrux magazine September/October 2021 issue. Check out our article to see why biodiesel and renewable diesel is so great and how it can help you.

Thank you to the California Trucking Association for allowing Valley Pacific to participate in this magazine publication.