76 is among the top five brands in California. We understand the importance of not only unbeatable customer service, but also your success as a business owner. We sincerely care about your long-term success and happiness. Our experienced and knowledgeable Retail Team is here to assist you with your brand image, marketing, and every day business transaction needs to attract new and loyal customers. You’ll have access to an extended industry or knowledge, contacts, and infrastructure. Our Distribution staff is equally dedicated to ensuring that you get the right product at the right time, delivered in a safe and friendly manner.

The 76 image is a classic, clean, and attractive. It is a brand recognized for providing quality gasoline and products to a car-conscious audience. Join Valley Pacific in providing your customers with one of the most loved brands along America’s favorite highways. Drive safe. Drive smart. Drive savvy.

76 Brand Advantage

  • 76 fuel is recognized as TOP TIER, containing higher levels of detergent additives that ensure peak engine performance, leaving your customers feeling confident in their fuel purchases.
  • Consumer Credit Card & Business Card Offerings give your customers flexibility. Personal cards offer pay-at-the-pump convenience with no annual fee. The Commercial Card allows customers to take control of their business and increase productivity with fuel management options.
  • Loyalty programs such as the KickBack card offer points to spend like cash on TOP TIER fuel and convenience store items.
  • The new Station Finder allows drivers to filter 76 stations for car washes, convenience stores, promotions, and more.
  • Powerful advertising campaigns go a long way when customers are deciding where to purchase their fuel. 76 has unique campaigns and year-long advertising calendars.