Weekly Safety Post-Vehicle Size Differences

As more people get on the road for the holidays, remember that size is important when it comes to traffic safety. Tailgating between two passenger vehicles may result in a minor crash but a crash between a passenger vehicle and a large truck or a bus may have greater consequences.

Driving a truck or bus has a unique set of safety challenges and are something that other road users should be aware of. While driving this holiday season be aware that:

  • Trucks are often 20 to 30 times heavier than passenger vehicles.
  • The huge mass of a truck or bus increases the risk of more severe crash damage, injuries and fatalities.
  • Large size and weight increases driving challenges, including acceleration, braking and handling (maneuverability).
  • Trucks and buses accelerate more slowly uphill and may gain speed quickly downhill.

We wish you safe driving this holiday season!


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